a flower is worth a 1000 words

I wrote this in the summertime and for some reason never shared it.  But I’d like to share it now: i arrived at my car today to find two little pink flowers pressed delicately into my driver’s side window.  with surprise and curiosity i instinctively searched the empty parking lot for a giggling onlooker.  there was none.  as i casually placed the flowers on my dashboard, i made an index in my head of all the possible culprits, filtering for the most likely... and the most desirable.  as i scanned my brain for potential perpetrators, i realized i may be missing the point: someone in my life thought enough about me in a single moment to pick a flower and place it in my sight, for me to smile and reflect upon.  presumably, he or she imagined what i would experience upon such an encounter and was generous enough to want create that experience for me.  i was uniquely moved by this anonymous act of caring; as well i enjoyed my own projection of being the one to carry out such a covert operation.  whether the person did it impulsively, strategically or by accident (my care is pretty generic), i am grateful for the thoughts and feelings it inspired.  i began to reflect on what it means to ben in someone’s life, in his or her experience of existence.  it is quite an honor and should be treasured as such.  we are momentously more potent than we believe or could even begin to understand; and in those moments of awe and connection, we have an opportunity to create a better world.  i suppose i wanted to share to emphasize the importance of every choice we make, anonymous or otherwise, and how awareness can be infectious if we only took the time.  after all, how we treat others is the way we treat ourselves and since ultimately we’re all we have, why not be nice?