autographed photos!

howdy folks! so since I receive numerous emails weekly requesting autographed photos, i decided to set up a little shop on my site where people can purchase them.  you'll have the option of getting it personalized or just a signature, and i'm hoping it'll be pretty easy to pay for it through paypal. the cart should show up in the sidebar with whatever photos you add, and there's a spot to write your name if you'd like it personalized. the price includes shipping, so you won't be penalized for living in some far away land. i'm basically trying to bridge the gap for people who can't make it out to conventions, but who want to make sure they're getting the real deal. besides, i kind of like the idea of being a shopkeeper, so depending on how it goes, i may be swayed to sell other things in the future. can you say cally swag? haha. please let me know if you notices any bugs or have any suggestions on how to make it as smooth as possible.