back from england

yes, it's true, i'm back from england.  i was only away for 6 days but it seems to feel much longer when there are time zones involved...  i have such an incredible job - i get to travel and meet interesting people from all over the world and, best of all, talk about geeky stuff like robot/human hybrids or which super power i'd want if i was a character on heroes (the verdict's still out on that one though).  haha.  but seriously, i'm so grateful to work on a sci fi show especially, because i don't know that i would have the appreciation for the genre that i do now had i not.  i genuinely think the ideas and issues we can explore, through the incredible imaginations that manifest these other worlds, are very important to how we define our future.  but anyway, i'll save that for another day, what i really want to talk about is how much fun i had with all the lovely people in attendance at reunion 5 this past weekend.  i've said this before, but i felt it especially at this convention, it seems to be more about a community of people coming together to have a good time rather than about getting a particular picture signed or ogling at a certain celebrity.  this has been my experience at all the conventions in europe so far actually.  it seems to be a mere bonus that there happens to be actors from their favorite shows in attendance, but the real fun comes from seeing friends, playing silly games, dressing up like sci fi characters and dancing the night away to a very exclusive and select set of "convention songs" (with equally exclusive "convention dances").  so needless to say, the weekend was a lot of fun and i felt very welcomed by all the fans, despite the fact that i didn't know what a centauri was.  luckily i am a quick learner.  i even became an "honorary shat" before the weekend was over (figure it out) .  it was also awesome getting to know peter jurasik from Babylon 5, sophie aldred from Dr. Who and jeremy bulloch from Star Wars.  they're all really down to earth and it was great to talk to them about their experiences in their work and at conventions and just in life.  actually, in exchange for giving me convention advice, i tried to teach peter to moonwalk, but sadly i think i may have cost him a trip to the chiropractor instead.  whoops, sorry peter!  on my time off from the weekend festivities, i had the opportunity to explore the city of Coventry, which hasn't a whole lot in the way of scenery or culture, but has an incredible cathedral that is just about enough to make a visit worthwhile.  during world war II the original cathedral was bombed to almost nothing by the German, much to the shock and chagrin of the British, but the ruins still remain, and during the 1950's, a new cathedral was built.  it is absolutely stunning to say the least.  i've never seen anything like it - beautiful mid-century modern design mixed with a vast, almost ancient feeling atmosphere.  apparently the architect was chosen from over two hundred who submitted their work.  i took some photos for you to see (there are more in the photo album) or you can click on the link to learn about the history.  or go to reunion 5 next year and visit the cathedral between the photo session and the massive game of pass the parcel!  :-) coventry cathedral