canadian content

bonjour mes amis! so i've been doing quite a few interviews lately  (i'll do my best to keep you up to date on their whereabouts), but last week i ventured into a somewhat similar, but also very different, sort of assignment by hosting the entertainment/culture weekly 'Hypaspace' on the Space Network (Canada's equivalent of SciFi).  it was tons of fun - partly due to living out my aspirations of being an MTV VJ and traveling to strange and exotic cities. (what?  I had some decent Indian food on Queen St.)  but what I loved most was having some creative influence over the show's content. ie. the ridiculous comments between video segments.  I can proudly say it was fully Nicki-fied - what that means exactly, you decide..  i'm not sure how anyone can watch it without access to Canadian television, but I have faith the internet Gods will prevail.  they always do...


and maybe one day... img_1658