Godkiller's Killin' It

Dreadcentral had some slightly less than dreadful news about Godkiller's release.  Check it out:

It isn't typical for an announcement of a DVD's release date being pushed back to be considered "good news", but in the case of Matt Pizzolo's episodic illustrated film Godkiller, the filmmaker couldn't be more ecstatic. So, what gives?

Retail orders for Halo-8's upcoming Godkiller: Walk Among Us - Episode 1 DVD exceeded studio expectations to the point where the DVD's street date had to be pushed back a week. In order to manufacture enough product to fulfill retail demand and ensure all stores would receive DVDs on the same date, Halo-8 was forced to move Godkiller Episode 1's street date from September 29th to October 6th.

"I'm sincerely astonished," said writer-director Pizzolo. "These episodic DVDs were really supposed to be limited edition collectibles for fans to get at comic conventions and festivals. I mean, it's totally unorthodox to release a film in shortform, serialized DVDs... I never in a million years expected retailers to support it so strongly. I'm pleasantly knocked on my ass."

Read the full article here and here's the newest trailer...