happy post-holidaze!

Oh hellooo!

I’m so sorry for being the quintessential absentee blogger as of late.  It’s not you, it’s me…  Really.  In repentance, I promise to do one push up for every time you came to my site and shed a single tear because it wasn’t updated.  And by ‘push up’ I mean sit up, and by ‘sit up’ I mean think about exercising while eating a chocolate.  Sound fair?  Or rather, should it be …  (drum roll please) …  a corn muffin?  (I’m sorry, I know I’m a dork, but I just think life’s more fun that way.)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and happy New Year!  I guess it’s about time to start breaking those New Year’s resolutions and telling yourself that 2009 will be your year, no?  It even rhymes: “success will be mine in 2009!”  But then what about “finding a mate in 2008” or “life is great, it’s 2008!”  I tend to think living in the present moment, not to mention year, is probably the best bet, but that’s just my opinion.  I mean, you never know when an advanced race of humanoid robots might come and try to take over the galaxy.  Then how will you find time to go to the gym?

I’ve been thinking about a lot of different things lately, most of which I’ll focus more on in separate entries, but for now I just wanted to say hello, let you know I’m alive and talk about random sh… stuff.  Let me just say, I wish the holiday lasted all year long, and not for the reasons you might think.  I don’t care about getting time off from work because I love my work.  I also don’t feel the need to ‘vacate’ from my every day life because I choose to spend time doing things that are valuable to me, and those things don’t change because it’s Christmas.  But what I do love, and why I think holidays are great, is they are the perfect opportunity and excuse to tell people that are important to you just how much you care.  It’s probably the only time people still use the actual postal service (if even) and we get to think about our friends, wish them a happy holiday, share dinners, stories, gifts and more.  I know it’s not like this for everyone and that some people create a lot of obligation around holidays, but if you don’t and you love how it brings people together like I do, I think you should treat every day like a holiday.  Send people cards, have dinner parties, wear goofy hats, sing silly songs, decorate your house, give people gifts that make you think of them.  This year I walked around New York City with my family on Christmas day and most places I looked, people were just happy.  Maybe because all of the stress from the buying frenzy was over, or the flashy lights and shiny things put them in a trance, or because they were in a city they’d only ever seen on tv before…  Either way I think it should be Christmas every day.  So Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Easter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, whatever.  Just be happy it’s another day you get to be with people you love, do the things that move you, and experience yourself.  That has to be cause for celebration don’t ya think?

Okay, that’s enough for now.  Back to making a list of all the new blog entries coming your way…