horribly good

while i find it highly unlikely that i be the first to introduce you to the most awesomest thing to hit internetland since scrabulous, it is still my pleasure and my privilege to order you to watch Joss Whedon's "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog."  not only am i a huge fan of the man himself, but he's taken on a whole new level of media integration and DIY-who-cares-if-there's-a-writer's-strike-i'm-calling-all-my-friends-and-making-a-kick-ass-musical-because-i-love-it-and-i'm-crazy-like-that quality to online distribution.  Neil Patrick Harris delivers a stunningly deadpan breakfast club meets sweeny todd portrayal of the title character, as he struggles to win over his true love (the lovely and talented Felicia Day - i deliver no irony in that cliche, she's awesome) against the painfully stupid, brutishly strong and confusingly charming Captain Hammer, played by Nathan Fillion.  you'll want to have this webisode trilogy at your disposal to catch all the clever lyrics, so i suggest you download it from itunes; plus they go offline tomorrow!  what are you waiting for?  stop reading!  go watch it, watch it again, and dance around your house planning your strategy for world domination.  ok, i think i may have said too much.  enjoy!