I like bunnies!!! Oh, and the Nicki Clyne Fan 'Zine is out!

Okay, I'm just gonna be completely honest. I'm not a salesperson. I've never been good at it. I know it's a skill you can build, but I just haven't yet. When I was in school and we sold chocolates to raise money for camp, my family was eating Mint Meltaways® for months. It's probably related to some fear of rejection, or failure, or that time I got in trouble for selling pot-pourri which was essentially rose petals sprayed with my mom's expensive perfume. Conveniently, those feelings are soothed with the sweet, velvety taste of chocolate and mint melting like butter in your mouth... Anyway, that was the past, and now I have something way cooler than cheap-ass fundraising chocolates. It's a collaboration between three amazingly awesome and talented people (yes, I'm including myself in that statement - awkward, right?). I'm calling it the Nicki Clyne Fan 'Zine, but it's just as much about the fans as it is about me. It's a tribute to the fan community and a nostalgic reference to "fan zines" of the past. There will only be a limited number ever in existence. So even if it's not exciting to you now, maybe one day you can sell it and pay for your kid's camp tuition (or at least a box of their chocolates).

I'm very excited to share this project, it was a really neat creative process. Pedro's art is truly amazing, I think he really captured a certain Nicki-ness in is drawings. (Either that or I look A LOT like a cartoon in real life. You decide.) And even though I know I'm awesome regardless (my mom says so), I really hope you like it too :). Click here to get  your copy today! (shipping included.)