Nicki Clyne Fan 'Zine FTW!

Hey everyone! I'm really excited to roll out this lil' collaboration I've been working on. With the help of some talented friends, the first ever "Nicki Clyne Fan 'Zine" has been created! It's all for fun, kind of a throwback to comics from the 50's with cut-outs and games. You can even help Cally find the cylon through a maze! The art work is pretty spectacular, somehow Pedro Vargas captured a certain "Nicki-ness" and managed to translate it into a cartoon.

I'll be releasing a limited edition run of 1000, so get 'em while they're hot! I'm giving first dibs to everyone who comes to I-CON 30 this weekend, then it's fair game to the internet populace thereafter. Every 'zine will be numbered and hand signed - even personalized if you so desire!

Looking forward to hearing what your thoughts! Please send feedback, as this is only the beginning of my creative endeavors.

Here are a few sample pages to whet your appetite, there are 16 total. Full details coming soon... Enjoy!

new interview!

check out this cool new interview with Jason Anders of Fulle Circle Magazine. hard copies of the magazine will be out soon, which I'm told will have some special cartoon characters for your visual enjoyment, can't wait!


wizard world

Each time I attend a convention, I have an ever-deepening experience of what it means to be a part of something as epic and influential as Battlestar Galactica.  Every time a fan poses a question, I gain a stronger sense of how important a television show can truly be and how far reaching its effects are.  And every time I reunite with my cast mates, I feel a bittersweet mixture of excitement and sadness over what we shared and what is now gone.  It’s overwhelming, to say the least, and difficult to put into words, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to see such a complex sphere of influence from the inside out. The highlight of my convention experience this past weekend, though, had to have been sharing a panel with my talented and much missed comrades, Lucianna Carro, Michael Hogan, and, most particularly, Edward James Olmos.  While I tend towards more abstract concepts and statements on the culture of philosophy and ideas, Edward James Olmos speaks from a place of such emotional truth and genuine authority, I couldn’t help but sit speechless each time he said his piece.  I admire so much the humility and simplicity with which he speaks and with which he manages to address even the most complex issues and ideas.  When I shared my admiration with him, he humbly attributed it to his years of experience and the recognition of how lucky we are to be doing what we do.  While I’m sure this is true, I can’t help but feel it’s more than that.  He has a strength and depth of character shared by few and he is one of the hardest working actors I have ever met, I doubt it’s a coincidence.  So thank you Eddie, you are, and always will be, an inspiration.

Thank you also to all the fans who came and said hello.  I’m always amazed by the intelligent questions and heartfelt tribute.