comic-con & godkiller

well, it's been a while, so i've got some 'splainin' to do...  first off, it's just been confirmed i'll be attending - for the first time ever in recorded history - the infamous san diego comic-con!  can you believe it?  it's the question everyone always asks me and my answer is always accompanied by a sad face.  but not anymore.  i'm super excited.  however, i'll only be signing autographs for a short period of time on Sunday, so don't get stuck in a panel about the influence of medieval art on modern manga or something like that.  i'll send out more details on the signing once i have them... which brings me to my next order of business...  i'll also be braving the chaos to chill with the Halo-8 crew, promoting their new illustrated film 'godkiller,' for which i do the voice of bad ass bounty hunter, soledad.  check out the official site to find more info or even download some soledad wallpaper over a dread central.


i think that about brings us up to date.  i found a cute picture of lucci and me from our philadelphia adventure...  we went for a long walk on the first night, taking in the humid summer air and enjoying all the parks and people out and about.  it's amazing to me how i can work with someone regularly over a period of time, yet still not know them as well as i get to during these short trips and intimate outings.  it's really wonderful.  it's like the classic phenomenon of running into an acquaintance or casual friend in some exotic location; all of a sudden you become best friends because of the degree of relative familiarity.  there's also a level of comradery that comes with the whole convention experience.  just as it can be nerve racking for fans to meet their favorite celebrities, it can be stressful for actors too.  being in a new place, being watched and scrutinized, talking about the same thing all day.  i know some people live with that kind of attention, but it's certainly not a part of my daily life, nor do i think i'd like it to be.  most people still think i'm lying when i tell them i'm cally and, quite honestly, i'm fine with it.  except when the bouncers at wizard world wouldn't let me in without a wristband, that was kind of annoying...  anyway, looking forward to next weekend, hope some of you are too...

nicki & lucci