poster / art

i tried to pick only a few of my favorites, but there are so many good ones...  austrian designer Albert Exergian presents his humorous view on television culture with the minimalist sensibility of someone who doesn't own a television.  very well done in my opinion.  to see all forty posters, go here. 05_30_rock02_true_blood06_heroes31_battlestar10_prison_break09_californication12_lost26_twinpeaks34_sixfeetunder35_flashforward36_stargateyou can also purchase them here.

in the grand scheme of things

after months of lying beneath the couch cushions of public curiosity, the time has finally come to turn over the seat covers, grab the remote, and start this show anew; and if you’re lucky, you may even find some spare change and peanut m&m’s™. i’m very excited to be back on the scene, writing my blog, and generating an all round feeling of connection with the world through my online meanderings. i’ve had an incredible past few months, filled with an abundance of growth and change, yet I’m resisting the urge to give a retroactive briefing. instead i will simply move forward from today and keep you abreast (hehe, i said breast) of all things nicki. besides, no one can even prove the past exists...

i hope you like the look and feel of the new site. i couldn’t have done it without the awesome talent, skill, and psychic abilities of my friend and designer Vladimir Krajina. despite having a very distinct sense of what i like aesthetically, having failed to develop such artistic abilities myself, it proves a unique challenge to communicate these ideas to another person - a unique, yet rewarding challenge. i’ve learned so much about myself in the process, making finer distinctions about what i like and why. so hopefully as i evolve, these tastes and revelations will, too, become more and more refined. this is precisely what I wish to share with you.