sophomore release

the first post was obvious: an introduction, or re-introduction as it were, to my online inscriptions. but the second post, now that really sets the tone. so instead of sharing a favorite video or a particle of wisdom imparted by one of my heroes, i figured i would simply say hello.  i am thrilled with the dialogue that has begun on the nature of time and existence.  i think it speaks to the quality of readers here that one simple statement would develop as such.  nice work.  i, too, find it invigorating, and equally frustrating, to contemplate such things.  ultimately, though, as it relates to how i live my life, the answer is unimportant.  whether we have free will or not, the fact that we experience ourselves as having the power to choose is enough to extract the deepest joy from every "passing" moment.

and just in case you want to see one of my favorite videos, here's one:


and also...
"I never think of the future - it comes soon enough."

- Albert Einstein