Happy Valentine's Day Mom!

This may seem strange, but my fondest memories associated with Valentine's Day are the treats and cards my mom used to give me on this otherwise benign and commercial holiday. She'd send me to school with a brown paper bag filled with goodies like chocolate covered almonds (my favorite) and a hand-written post-it note. I guess she never really stopped, just this morning she sent me a text saying "Good morning angel...happy valentine's day! I love you to the sky...lynda says hi:-*" (Lynda is her long-time friend visiting from out of town.) My mom is a really loving and caring person and has always made holidays a special occasion worth celebrating. So while I don't really buy into the greeting card mania or obligatory celebrations, I'm happy my mom made these days a little extra special, especially because now they make me think of her and how proud I am to be her daughter. Happy Valentine's Day Mom!!!