hide and speak

I can't remember when I first learned about Chinese artist Liu Bolin, but I've never been able to forget him... Even though I couldn't really see him... Actually, especially because I couldn't see him. His self-portraits have him blending in with a diverse array of backgrounds, so much so that sometimes passersby don't know he's there until he moves. For me, they evoke sensations of isolation and the harsh reality of how we objectify ourselves and each other. There's something about seeing someone painted like that, like an object, that screams out: you can't hide humanity. I find it so powerful. Not to mention the sheer artistry and dedication it takes to create such pieces. They're absolutely breathtaking, beautiful and unforgettable. Here's a sampling of his photographs and a short video:


sorry i've been a little absent...  (minded perhaps?)  i blame television.  not because i watch it now, but because i did.  a lot.  here's an interesting and potentially disturbing video.  could explain some things... [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuI_nCADnW0&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]

ps. i don't really blame tv for anything, it just made for a good segue.

just stop it!

despite my commitment to helping people and my obsession with understanding human behavior, i am a strong believer in personal responsibility - whether it's emotional, physical, or mental.  yes, we all have our patterns, some good, some not, but ultimately all we have is this very moment and every moment poses the opportunity to choose differently.  which is why i absolutely love this video.  it really gives you a good head on collision with reality, like it or not.  hope you enjoy. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYLMTvxOaeE[/youtube]

the laws have changed

shortly after i finished filming the Battlestar mini series, a friend approached me to be in a music video for his friend's band.  he said they were desperately seeking sensational dancers and since he'd recently seen me do a dance performance to Pat Benatar's heartbreaker, i guess he thought i could fill those boots.  but after listening to the one song, and then the whole New Pornographers' album, i was so impressed and inspired that i didn't want to settle for simply dancing go-go in the background.  so i called the lead singer and pitched him on playing lead vocals in the video.  lucky for me, the girl they had previously hired had bailed to be on canadian idol, so i was allowed my 15 seconds of rockstar fame. the video is based on surrealist filmmaker Luis Bunuel's 1965 film, Simon of the Desert.  at the end of the film, the devil seduces Simon by taking him to a 1960's night club - where the video takes place.  i've heard rumors, though, that the plot twist is an effect of the production running out of funds, since the change setting is completely incongruent with the rest of the film.  kind of curious.

anyway, it was such fun to film and i've been a huge supporter/listener of the New Pornographers ever since.  i recommend checking out their music if you haven't already.


ps. do you recognize "Simon" from the beginning of the Battlestar mini?