Dec 13


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Geekonomicon is a community of like-minded geeks and nerds who want to create an environment on a regular, not just yearly, basis where people can gather together for networking, entertainment, and educational events to share ideas and connect without fear of judgment. On this quest to grow our community we will promote awareness in society of our unique culture, its differences, and similarities, in order to foster a better mutual understanding. In December were we can all celebrate a family friendly Geekmas together. 

Galacticon 4
Aug 2

Galacticon 4

  • Seattle Center

Galacticon is the largest Battlestar Galactica celebration in the world. This event will bring the cast, crew and fans of all the Battlestar Galactica series together and has already featured some amazing guests from the BSG universe. In 2015 Seattle will put on its Colonial Warrior’s dress uniform and play host to Galacticon IV, a weekend long experience that all who attend will never forget! Galacticon IV will not only feature special guests from the Battlestar Galactica universe, but also from the fan favorite, Firefly. 

Cylons, members of the Colonial Fleet, Browncoats, even representatives of the Alliance and many other Sci-Fi, Fantasy and comic book characters will call Seattle home for the three day convention that will highlight the very best of artists, writers, and actors from the Sci-Fi and Fantasy mediums. 

Galacticon 4 will feature a variety of activities over the weekend including panels, presentations, vendors, autograph sessions, exhibitions, toys and more! Get a chance to have real interactions with your favorite celebrities – not just a 10 second hand shake and photo op. Check out the starship and space vessel showcases, a vendors room full of unique merchandise, and a writer’s workshop featuring professional authors and editors.  Show off your best costume for the Cosplay Competition and so much more! 

Galacticon IV will be the biggest reunion celebration ever, so come and join us for this great anniversary celebration!